It's a sombre fact that it has been over 100 days since Putin launched an invasion of Ukraine. Over 8.5 million people have fled the country since then and the resulting economic and political sanctions placed against Russia have had a global effect across many sectors, including aviation.

In our cover story this issue, we timeline some of the key penalties that have been put in place against Russia since the start of the war, looking at what impact they have had on the aviation sector.

Elsewhere, European airports have been persisting an unpredictable landscape in what some have dubbed a "summer of chaos". Whilst in our last issue we learned the impact that a striking workforce was having, in this issue we look at how understaffing by airport operators and airlines is also contributing.

In parallel, the UK Government has, in a timely fashion, recently released a new policy paper, Flightplan to the Future, which sets out a framework for the future of aviation in the country. We explain the intentions set out in the paper.

As well as all of this, we learn how Pangiam is using Google AI to improve airport security operations, the reasoning behind the cancellation of an air route connecting Anglesey in North Wales to the capital, Cardiff, in South Wales, and we profile Air New Zealand's new offering for long-haul passengers: lie-flat sleep pods.

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Peter Nilson, editor