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Issue 40 | February 2019

While overall satisfaction at US airports has increased in recent years, in New York it is plummeting, with the top three hubs often found at the bottom of the heap. From poor infrastructure to lacking passenger facilities, why do these airports score so poorly and what measures are being taken?

This issue’s investigation piece focuses on the troubles at Istanbul’s brand new airport, which opened to much ado last year, only to be dogged by labour disputes and accusations of unsafe conditions on site, with multiple workers’ deaths blamed on negligence.

We also analyse how airports can become more proficient at using social media to dispel frustration, panic and confusion among their customers in the event of a crisis, and review five futuristic airport designs exhibited at last year’s Venice Biennale.

Finally, we take a look at the choice of bespoke, private terminals and services VIP passengers (or those willing to pay a steep membership price) can enjoy at the beginning of their travels.

Eva Grey, editor