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Here at Air Traffic Solutions (ATS), air traffic management is our passion and responsibility. Our team of industry experts are vastly equipped with the technical knowledge and experience to ensure flight operations around the world are safe, secure, and operational.


Airspace Design and Planning Services

We know that one size does not always fit all, and here at ATS, we realise you need aircraft navigation services tailored to your personal needs.

Your ATM should be effective, dynamic, and compliant with regulatory requirements – all while being provided at a reasonable price.

At ATS, we do this and more. Our expertise can assist you in far more than just air navigation, and our resources can be used to help you deal with periods of sudden heavy workloads.

Advocacy and Lobbying for Aviation Companies

Quality legal advice and aviation-specific information are not always easy to find. But knowing the law and having industry-specific knowledge resources at your fingertips is essential to any business – and yours is no different.

We make sure you stay compliant and keep on top of regulatory requirements time after time. Those dealing with defence organisations can even benefit from our dedicated military specialist, allowing you to stay worry-free in this area. Additionally, we also assist in negotiations for new equipment, getting you better prices and gear.

Airspace Studies and Regulatory Compliance

Meeting regulatory requirements is an essential part of running your business - and its one you can’t afford to neglect.

ATS will help you understand the regulatory framework so you can easily and effectively navigate complex obstacle clearance requirements, determine ATC rules at your location, and provide risk mitigation strategies that offer you the freedom to enable greater building heights in declared areas.

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E-Learning Management Systems

You need training, but you don’t need the lost time and stress that comes with it.

Those hours spent arranging training and sitting through time-consuming learning sessions would be far better spent on your core business, and here at ATS, we know it.

That’s why we host and manage all our clients’ e-learning needs, offering a simple system that gives you fewer headaches and more time. So let ATS handle your training needs and spend your efforts where they’re needed most.

Manuals, Procedures and Test Documentation for Airport System Implementation

Every business must come to grips with new procedures and equipment. But implementing these changes and ensuring staff knows what they’re doing can take precious time and resources.

Our industry expertise allows us to develop specialised procedures that are tailored just for you. ATS will help your business smoothly incorporate these changes and create any manuals or test documentation you need.

The result is robust systems, created cost-effectively, and with minimal disruption to your business.

Air Traffic Control (ATC) Tower Technology Assistance

Technology is a vital part of business today, and keeping abreast of developments in your industry is a necessity.

That’s why we offer specialist ATC tower services using our expertise to bring you the operational designs and upgrades you need for safer, smoother operations while connecting you with major ATM providers with no disruption to you or your services.

Safety Training and Management Systems

Here at ATS, we understand that having regulation-compliant safety management systems (SMS) are a necessity for business. We also understand how time-consuming and costly doing so can be.

We can make sure that your SMS stays compliant through every system update and regulatory change you encounter, using our connections to high-quality SMS software providers to keep you one step ahead.

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ATC Training Software

Utilise the state-of-the-art ATC simulation software we offer as part of our service and enjoy the benefits of a low-cost yet highly effective simulation solution.

By understanding our clients and providing a turnkey solution, we can offer both high quality and reasonably priced software few other providers can match.

Comprehensive ATC Training Packages

Our complete training packages are developed from our extensive experience in the ATM industry, meaning your staff gets the quality training they deserve.

Better still, by letting us take care of your training needs, you get to spend more time running your business while having peace of mind knowing your workforce is in good hands.

Aviation Event Management

Event management is never an easy task, and it takes considerable resources to ensure things run smoothly.

ATS offer end to end support for major aviation events, providing a one-stop shop for our clients where every aspect of the event is dealt with.

About Air Traffic Solutions

Here at ATS, we take the time to understand your needs and proactively work to get the results you desire. If you feel our services would be helpful to your business, then don’t hesitate to get in touch via phone or email today.

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