Comparing air traffic across the world’s airports

Airports come in all shapes, sizes and levels of activity. Recently, Addison Lee developed an interactive aircraft tracker that brings to life the daily movements of some of the world’s largest and smallest airports


sing the air traffic data of ten very different airports over the course of 24 hours, international private hire company Addison Lee developed an interactive tool that illustrates their daily take-offs and landings.

Topping the chart is Hartsfield Atlanta, the world’s busiest airport since 1998, with a whopping 2,410 flights per day. In fact, in just 60 seconds, most of the major international airports have already shipped or received at least one flight.

At the other end of the scale is Kastellorizo, a small airport serving the Greek island of the same name, which only handles one single flight each day.

For more information about each airport, click the tabs to reveal more stats and useful context.


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