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Issue 35 | September 2018

Airport privatisation is a growing trend that shows no signs of slowing down, but IATA recently warned that it doesn’t deliver quite as many benefits as promised. We examine this trend and see if there is any weight behind IATA’s concerns.

We also examine the European Commission’s historical decision to lift a ban on Indonesian air carriers, more than a decade after the country was blacklisted.

When it comes to energy and the environment, we take an in-depth look at Dubai Airports’ latest move to decrease its carbon footprint by using Siemens’ data analytics, and speak to Finnish company Neste about its project to reduce emissions through the use of its renewable jet fuel.

Finally, we investigate the black holes of security oversight at airports and find out what's being done to combat noise pollution from aircraft, which can disturb sleep patterns and raise the risk of cardiovascular problems.

Eva Grey, editor