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Issue 71 September 2021

International travel has begun to open up, but airlines are facing a massive financial shortfall and reduced demand due to ongoing travel restrictions. Many operators have introduced redundancies and pay cuts to remain financially viable, leaving staff in a precarious position. Some have already staged industrial action with the threat of more to come.

Another move that has triggered workforce protests is Italian carrier Alitalia’s replacement by a new and distinct operation, Italia Trasporto Aereo, leaving the fate of 2,000 employees in the balance. We ask whether a summer of unrest will spill over into autumn.

Elsewhere, Edinburgh Airport is playing its part to reduce the airline industry’s carbon footprint with a plan to develop a solar farm that will provide 26% of its energy needs.

Similarly, with aims to reduce pollution, the European Commission has proposed an EU-wide minimum tax rate for polluting aviation fuels. We look at why the move has proved divisive.

As well as all of this, we look at technology being trialled at Teesside International Airport to detect airborne Covid-19 particles in real time.

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Peter Nilson, editor