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Issue 64 • February 2021

The ripple effects of the Covid-19 pandemic are becoming clearer as we enter February. In this issue, we investigate what Norwegian Airlines’ exit from long-haul says about demand in this area as the pandemic continues. However, we also look at some exciting technology developments beyond Covid-19.

In our Comment section, we speak to the founder of the famed Fentress Architects ‘Airports of the Future’ competition about the criteria the judges looked for in last year’s crop of entrants. We also find out more about changes to the European Commission's Single European Sky iniative. 

A US-based startup is developing a robotic replacement for sniffer dogs. What does this sentence mean exactly? You can find out in our In Depth section, which also includes an article on how 3D visualisation technology could help solve airspace challenges.

Last year saw the long-delayed Berlin Brandenburg finally opened its doors. We take a closer look at the airport’s troubled construction timeline, as well as say farewell to the now redundant Tegel Airport, which closed after an historic period serving the German capital.

We also look at the agreement between Jordan and Israel to permit flights to cross over each other’s airspaces. What will this mean for the region and will it provide additional environmental benefits?

Joe Baker, editor