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Issue 69 July 2021

Queues at airports have become longer due to the impact of Covid-19 on operations, with passengers having to wait six hours in some cases. To address the delays, carriers and airports are implementing biometric technologies that will enable passengers to move through the airport without waiting for manual document checks. We take a look at some pioneering projects. 

We also catch up with a tech accelerator project at Barcelona Airport, where five start-ups are working to solve future challenges to airport operations, find out how a €1bn modernisation effort at Helsinki Airport is improving the passenger experience, and hear from Sydney Airport and SITA about their partnership to upgrade passenger and baggage handling technology across the airport’s two terminals. 

Finally, despite the difficulties in assessing its magnitude, the illegal trafficking of arms via air is still pervasive. As the lifting of travel restrictions opens up new opportunities for smugglers, we ask how the airport and aviation industries can help to stop trafficking.

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Ben Cusack, editor