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Air Traffic Solutions for Exceptional Air Traffic Management

Klaus Dengler, Managing Director Europoles Suisse GmbH), René Vuillemin, (Managing Director Europoles Suisse GmbH)

Air Traffic Solutions (ATS) delivers a comprehensive range of air traffic management services that facilitate efficient, safe, secure and responsible operations for the aviation industry worldwide. The company has a range of experts with industry expertise in operational, technical and safety services.

Lighting for the World’s Transport Hubs

Airspace design and planning services

ATS’s consultants are qualified under the air navigation services – aircraft operations (PANS OPS) standard to assist in obstacle clearance surfaces, heliport planning, and designing One Engine Inoperative Standard Instrument Departures (SID). The company’s experts also provide air route design and integration between en-route and terminal airspaces.

Advocacy and lobbying for aviation companies

ATS offers the necessary advice, introduction to the industry, and regulatory personnel to ensure that clients’ business needs are met in a streamlined manner. The company also has a dedicated military specialist to support partnerships with defence organisations.

Airspace studies and regulatory compliance

Understanding regulatory requirements and the impact on your business can be a complex area. ATS can provide the expertise to help clients comply with requirements while minimising costs.

The automated storage and retrieval system built by Lödige Industries can store more than 2000 in-house pallets over 5 levels.

Smooth Non-Stop Operations

E-learning management systems

Using its Moodle-based learning management system (LMS), ATS manages clients’ online learning compliance, content and reporting capabilities, allowing them to concentrate on their core business.
The company converts existing courses into modern online learning experiences, as well as develops comprehensive training courses to meet a client’s requirements.

Manuals, procedures and test Documentation for airport system implementation

Our highly qualified consultants can develop manuals, procedures and test documentation to support the introduction of new equipment or procedures. This includes training requirement analysis, concepts of operations, and transition planning and implementation services.

Air traffic control (ATC) tower technology assistance

ATS’s consultants specialise in the introduction of modern technology solutions to air traffic control (ATC) towers. Our team can assist in the operational design or upgrade existing structures without interrupting operations. Our services extend to software adaptation development to meet client needs, as well as technical integration and system testing specifications.

The Lödige Cargo Pallets, a proprietary product, replace the classic wood or steel material with x-rayable composite material.

From Lighting Carrier to Multi-Functional System

Safety training and management systems

ATS’s consultants assist with training and safety management systems (SMS).
They are highly qualified in meeting regulatory requirements for both system and procedure changes, designing and implementing company-wide SMS, and documentation. Proactive and effective change management is guaranteed by ATS.

ATC training software

In collaboration with our partner Visual Vectoring, ATS offers state-of-the-art ATC simulation software supporting ab-initio ATC training in both approach and en-route environments.
The company also provides loss of separation events (compromised separation) training and ATC simulator software using industry-leading voice recognition technology.

Comprehensive ATC training packages

ATS’ highly qualified, industry-certified training staff develop and deliver comprehensive training packages.
Our team can work either from specified training environments or develop in-house packages to provide a turnkey approach. Training can be customised for individual applications, whether in the classroom, online, or onsite. ATS also provides all required documentation and conduct any necessary assessments to minimise disruption for core staff.

Lödige provided a complete turn-key solution, starting with engineering, planning and manufacturing, installation, commissioning, warehouse management software of the whole material handling system and maintenance.

Economic Lowerable Lighting Systems

Aviation Event Management

ATS is able to provide end to end support for major aviation events, include slot management, parking and other logistical issues.  ATS has recently worked as the prime contractor supporting aviation activities at the APEC Economic Leaders Week in Port Moresby. 

About Air Traffic Solutions

ATS was founded in July 2016 as a proprietary limited company in Canberra, Australia. The company’s cumulative experience spans more than 250 years of aviation industry expertise.
In a short period, ATS has begun supporting air traffic ATM companies in Australia, Europe and North America, and has strategic arrangements with major industry players that allow them to deliver critical projects worldwide.

Contact details

Air Traffic Solutions

83 Norman Fisher Circuit, Bruce
ACT, 2617 Australia

Mike Lockwood
Managing Director

Tel: +61 438 594 814

Fax: +49 9181 896-1115


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