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Systems safety in the air

Founded by passionate aviation and transport experts, Plan Safe is a bespoke aviation safety consultancy offering safety assurance, human factors, risk management and training to ensure your systems take flight.


Why Plan Safe?

With over a decade of experience in the development and improvement of complex systems and infrastructure, we bring together extensive project, human performance, communication and safety methodology to deliver safe air traffic operations.

Plan Safe consultants have delivered safety assurance programs for some of the most exciting aviation projects in the world and offer a profound understanding of the needs and complexities inherent in the design, build and implementation of transport systems.

We’ll work closely with your team, stakeholders, clients, government bodies and regulators to meet the assurance, accreditation, risk and training requirements of all parties.

An eye to the future

Plan Safe has an intimate knowledge of both the current and emerging air traffic management landscape with our team at the forefront of aviation technology. We are focused on the implementation of safety systems that protect people and assets while ensuring our clients are ready for changing consumer behaviour.

Urban Air Mobility (UAM)
Plan Safe consultants have participated in the planning for UAM with a focus on electrical vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft. Our Plan Safe experts will guide the development of your safety policies and ATM airspace safety considerations to ensure you meet evolving regulator standards and are optimised for future demand.

Digital and Remote Tower Technology
With reduced air traffic and associated revenue now being experienced across the globe, investment in remote towers is increasing. Our consultants provide extensive experience in the implementation of remote tower technology, safety requirements and operations. We will provide technology recommendations for your unique needs, lead the integration of remote tower software with existing ATM systems and engage your people (users, key stakeholders and regulators) in the process.

Transforming raw data into risk intelligence
Plan Safe consultants established innovative research programs that harness the latest eye-tracking and physiological sensing technology to gain key safety insights into operational workload and fatigue, using real-time human performance data to support operational and strategic safety, resourcing and change management decisions.


Plan Safe experts on demand

Our essential services include system engineering and safety assurance, safety accreditation, human factors and training for complex, high-risk projects.

Our team of leadership, operational and technical experts will work with you to: 

  • Understand and define your requirements and deliverables
  • Create targeted work plans and timing
  • Identify the critical skills required for success

From there, we grow on demand. Plan Safe offers a project-based talent pool of engineering, assurance and project professionals (at all levels) who are passionate about putting their aviation expertise to work. No matter the challenge you bring to us, we are able to meet your needs.


Our essential aviation services

Systems engineering and safety assurance

Our team has successfully delivered tailored programs for an array of current aviation systems.

We will develop your safety arguments using goal structuring notation and partner with your design team to build your safety plan, systems safety reports and safety case.

Aviation Safety Management Systems (SMS) and Accreditation

To ensure your system addresses all ICAO regulatory and operational requirements requires specific expertise. We are experts at creating tailored and effective SMS for aviation industry organisations. Our integrated management systems address safety, risk, quality, environment and human factors.

A qualified Plan Safe auditor will provide your leadership team with a detailed analysis of your current compliance to relevant ICAO standards and legislation, and provide you with a roadmap to system improvement.

Human Factors

With advanced capability automation on the rise, the reliance on thorough and comprehensive human factors approaches is set to increase. Our human factors experts are leaders in the research and management of user-centred design and human-in-the-loop analysis to improve your operational performance.


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