• Efficient and flexible brush
  • Gentle to the aircraft
  • Equipped with safety sensors
  • Automatic distance adjustment
  • Automatic angle adjustment


  • Different washing programs
  • Automatic start position
  • Automatic folding and unfolding
  • Four-wheel drive
  • Diesel or battery powered


  • Intuitive remote control
  • Display for operation and monitoring
  • Safety features
  • Ergonomic design
  • Wireless

Company information

We are an innovative Scandinavian high-tech company that strive to streamline the aircraft washing process. We take pride in our product development, where we aim to offer our customers the very best in the business today and in the future. Our R&D department works closely with our customers as well as with our training and service team who has invaluable on-hand experience.

Total offer concept:
For end customers:
Technology & Services
For organisations:
Customer Support & Maintenance 
For Users:
Online – Training Platform 


We are experts in external cleaning working practices. We can evaluate existing ones and enhance your processes into more efficient ones


Aerowash online training platform provides 24/365 support for all users. Interface can be customised to any language. Training videos and instructions provide easy and understandable support for hassle free operations


The Aerowash Service Team is available to provide support as agreed. Our experience of supporting operations around the world gives us the knowhow and tools to assist our customers efficiently and effectively