Aviation has had a very uncertain month. As the war in Ukraine continues, routes and operations have, understandably, been disrupted. A combination of sanctions against Russia and airspace restrictions against EU and NATO members leads to a complicated situation for operators, passengers, and manufacturers alike. 

In this issue we look at the impact that this conflict will have on the tourism and aviation industries, not just in the regions in conflict but also further afield. In tandem, we also find out how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected long-haul flights, and how this has in turn had a knock-on effect on emissions.

Elsewhere, we learn about some of the newest developments in Australia when it comes to security and baggage handling. We profile Perth Airport's new CT scanning technology being rolled out across all baggage screening points, as part of the country's new Aviation Recovery Framework policy.

We also profile the new digitalised baggage handling system being put in place by Vanderlande at the under-construction Western Sydney Airport, which is reportedly the most advanced system in Australia.

As well as all of this, we learn about UK Research and Innovation's new project to fund innovation in the aviation sector, how LiDAR technology can improve airport security, and how digital signage can improve airports.  

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Peter Nilson, editor