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Exruptive is a Danish based company developing an innovative integrated solution for the optimization of the security and commercial experience of passengers in international airports. Our full integrated solution partly improves airport security by decreasing cost and increasing throughput, while the other part not only helps airports raise revenue and efficiency in their commercial areas, it also empowers the passengers through their entire airport journey.

As opposed to traditional security equipment and staff suppliers, we are uniquely positioned in the market by combining next-generation X-ray scanning technologies and imaging algorithms with deep insights into passenger flows, passenger perceptions, behavioural patterns and cultural differences to become a true end-to-end full service partner to our customers.

We have developed strong partnerships with leading academic institutions, IT developers, manufacturers and service providers. Hence we have been able to operate as a small agile organization and have no vested interests in existing product lines, paradigms or business models. Everything we do is modular and adaptable to enable us to match the diversity of the customers we aim to serve.

To make sure that everything we do in our development process is fully validated, not only do we conduct substantial research on airport sites, we have also established our own Test Center in Denmark. It currently functions as a facility for testing and improving the security process and experience with voluntary users, but will eventually operate as a show room for our full solution as well as a training facility for new security service personnel.

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Airport industry challenges

The four key challenges in the airport industry we aim to overcome are:

Growing air travel adds pressure on air travel
More passengers passing through security every year, more security lines being established, more airports and airport terminals being built or upgraded.

Ever rising security requirements and regulations
Existing X-ray scanners do not live up to increasingly higher regulatory requirements, rising security costs allocated to airlines, increased hassle and anxiety for passengers, missed connections, delayed flights etc.

Increasing importance for non-aeronautical income
As the price for travelling by plane decreases, there is a growing need for additional investments into airport shopping areas, increased focus on advertising, increased focus on business intelligence and on being able to reach and communicate with passengers in new ways.

Growing pressure to improve the passenger experience
There is a growing demand from airports and passengers for connectivity, integration, technology and new solutions. Passengers increasingly demand control, choice and enablement and ultimately the stress free air travel experience all the way from check-in, through the security and commercial area until they sit comfortably in their airplane seat.

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Products & Services

To overcome these challenges we target airport owners, operators and retailers with a proprietary security scanning solution for cabin baggage. Our next-generation X-ray technology gives much better detection capabilities than current standards while decreasing false negatives and the need for manual checks. 

The technology allows the passenger to keep all belongings such as liquids and laptops within their cabin luggage, removing the need to unpack anything before the security scanner.

In combination with our new scanner solution we develop an intelligent trolley, which is compatible with the security scanner. The trolley allows each passenger to prepare themselves before the scanner line and minimizes stress in security. Furthermore, the trolley is context aware by offering an integrated – or click-on – touch screen platform for personalized passenger interaction, real-time wayfinding within the airport and its retailers while bringing the possibility for business intelligence acquisition for the airport operators and retailers.

By combining our novel trolley and tablet platform with an embedded airport management and business Intelligence system, we give the airports and airlines a range of advantages:

  • Identify passengers and their location in the airport
  • Create loyalty programs
  • Increase advertising- and commercial revenue from airport shopping areas
  • Increased efficiency in airport services
  • And much more

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