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Supporting your growth – the ATS Suite

Klaus Dengler, Managing Director Europoles Suisse GmbH), René Vuillemin, (Managing Director Europoles Suisse GmbH)

Managing a busy growing airport was never easy and it is not getting easier. Imagine a tried-and-tested system that can support you on your growth path. A field-proven system developed to handle one the most complex and busiest airspaces worldwide and used by ANSPs and airports worldwide.


DFS Aviation Services offers an ATS Suite that can be used equally for enroute, tower, approach and airport control. It is a customisable, modular and scalable system. It is especially suited to the unique challenges and needs facing airports concerning A-SMGCS.

One component of the ATS Suite is A-SMGCS. The system has been advanced to fulfil all necessary A-SMGCS levels and is already operational at all large airports in Germany.

A-SMGCS from the DFS Group can provide the features you need whatever the volume and density of the traffic you handle or the complexity of your airport layout.

Over the last 15 years, numerous international customers have already chosen to employ some or all of the Suite and have received an individual, tried-and-tested solution.

As our customer, you can take advantage of our extensive expertise as an ATM system provider for small, medium-sized and large airports.


Your A-SMGCS project can benefit from these features of our ATS Suite:

  • Multi Sensor Data Fusion / Sensor Data Processing

The powerful Multi Sensor Data Fusion component is configurable for over 200 parameters and filters to adapt arbitrary complex air or ground surveillance situation. It can process sensor and position data from up to 50 sensors and simultaneously track 5,000 linear moving, manoeuvring, accelerating or permanently positioned targets on the ground and airborne. One of its outstanding features is the seamless transition from air to ground and vice versa. All input and output interfaces are compliant with EUROCONTROL ASTERIX Categories.

  • Air and Ground Situation Display for Controller Working Position

The HMI for the controller working position is configurable for air and ground surveillance needs. The HMI layout is customisable for adjustable target head symbols and labels, picture in picture, map layers, colors, fonts, zooming levels, filters, menus and toolbars. Together with the flight data processing and clearance function, it makes up the integrated working position.

  • Flight Data Processing and Electronic Clearance for Controller Working Position

With a modern paperless system, air traffic controllers can work more efficiently and control more aircraft movements than with traditional systems. As part of the integrated controller working position or as a separate position, flight plan data from take-offs and landings, transit flights and vehicle movements can be stored, processed and changed. 

  • Airport Safety Net

With the Safety Net functions, you can provide ongoing support to your air traffic controllers. The system fulfils all international requirements and features various warning messages, such as short-term conflict alert warnings, area intrusion alerts, minimum safe altitude warnings and approach path monitoring.

  • System Monitoring and Control for Technical Supervision Position

The system’s hardware, software and all data interfaces can be monitored and controlled through the monitoring and control HMI from the central working position. In addition, technical staff are able to stop and restart every monitored element from this central position. Convenient messages, logs and alarms support the daily job.  

  • Record and Replay

Very often, a mass of surveillance data has to be examined by technical experts. To save time and effort, the technical monitoring and analysis function is equipped with a central server for surveillance data and flight plan recording and replay. The recorded data can be synchronised and easily replayed in standard formats into the local network at multiple speeds.

  • Analysis and Verification for Technical Supervision Position

For analysis and verification of ground and air surveillance situations, the technical supervision position can be extended by the software VisAV-E. It is an online and offline tool, combining the experience of decades of technical, surveillance and operational experts. VisAV-E facilitates repeatable performance verification of specific traffic situations or safety net performance by offering artificial scenario generation, replay tools and adaptable test scripts.

Would you like to arrange a personal meeting to discuss your plans? Do you need more information on the features available? Meet us at World ATM Congress 2020 in Madrid.

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