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Issue 63 • January 2021

Welcome to the first Airport Industry Review of 2021.

As the industry holds out hope for brighter times ahead, its impossible to ignore statistics comparing aviation’s performance in 2020 to 2019. However, this year we’ll keep seeking out the ways airports are making progress, both in terms of combatting Covid-19 and using technology to bring about seamless operations.

Our cover article this time examines the concept of remote air traffic control and why its been faster taking off in some countries than others. We also speak to IATA about the sector’s contribution to a Covid-19 rollout, and find out how technology is creating ‘airbases of the future’.

We examine the impact that Covid-19 has had on aviation-dependent island economies, and find out why in-flight transmission rates have been relatively low. Also in the cabin, we find out about the latest food trends that airlines are adopting for in-flight meals (who knows; perhaps a nice vegan and gluten-free focaccia could tempt a few travellers to board planes again).

Finally, we address why some architect studios might be shying away from airport expansion projects, and ask whether sustiainable aviation fuel is about to experience a boom in the UK.

Joe Baker, editor