A flexible and dynamic customer-oriented manufacturer of ground power units, mobile lighting towers and generating sets

Bertoli is specialist in the production of 400 Hz ground power units, mobile tower lights and generating sets. 

Established in 1974, its corporate culture has always been marked by a great dynamism and flexibility, key factors that have determined its success and have led to the acquisition of private and public contracts at international level. Bertoli is specialist in customizing products, managing orders on commission and turnkey projects with reasonable time and costs.

In the renewable energy and cogeneration field, the company has recently developed generators powered by alternative fuels, such as gas, biogas and vegetable oil, sold at major national customers, which confirms Bertoli’s vocation to the production of high quality and reliable generating sets. 

Bertoli pays a particular attention to the pursuit of quality, both in materials and workmanship. The technological upgrading of the product is constantly monitored to ensure compliance with all safety and reliability requirements dictated by the European legislation as a guarantee to consumers. The focus on technological specialization is an investment for the future; innovation is the path the European company has to follow, aiming at the enhancement of the skills and the knowhow. Bertoli has got used to deal with highly technological solutions for multinational corporations. Thus, making that their core business has not been challenging. On the contrary, they have treasured their experience to follow the path of renewal, achieved through the improvement of products. Their target is to innovate on the basis of the traditional product, starting from a proven tradition to explore the new frontiers of technology and its relevant innovative applications.

Ground Power units

Bertoli provides robust, easy to use and maintain 400Hz diesel ground power units from 60kVA to 180kVA. All models feature a user-friendly electronic device for the GPU management through which operators are able to control engine dynamics (low/rated speed, etc.) and energize the desired output(s).

Sound- and weatherproof canopies and trailers are designed and manufactured in-house.

Special care is devoted to quality of materials and processing. Products look sober and are an optimal matching of essentiality and maximum functionality, conceived to facilitate end users in operating the machine and get the best out of their technical-mechanical potential.

Main Features:
Welded steel frame with lifting facilities
Large capacity fuel tank built in the base frame
Two-axle trailer with steerable front wheels and fixed draw bar 
Parking brake automatically operated when the draw bar is in vertical position 
Canopy featuring lifting facilities, large side doors and opening for continuous operation
Adjustable working light

On request:
Environmental-friendly diesel engines
Special painting for harsh environments
Second AC output on smaller units 
28Vdc output 
Units built according to military standards
Technical training at our premises

Generating sets

Bertoli generating sets are intended for the supply of electric power in case of public mains failure, or where there is no mains available.

All our production, from inception to completion, is carried out in Italy and all the components used in our manufacturing process are from western countries. Quality is a priority of the whole process all along, from the choice of materials to the final product testing.

Main Features:
Primary brand engines and alternators
Protection grids for rotating parts
Manual control panel with user-friendly generating set controller
4P circuit breaker
Lifting facilities for easy handling
Fuel tank built in the base frame for generating sets up to 800kVA
Vibration dampers between engine/alternator monoblock and the base

On request:
Environmental-friendly diesel engines 
Weather- and soundproof enclosures with different noise levels and large access doors for ease of maintenance
Central lifting hook
Containerized units
Automatic control panels for standby use
Synchronizing panels
Special painting for harsh environments
Remote tanks
Low speed trailers
High-speed trailer road
Off-road trailers
Tailor-made solutions according to customer needs
Technical training at our premises

Mobile lighting towers

Bertoli mobile lighting towers have been designed for various fields of applications including airports. They are intended for the supply of artificial light during night operations and/or electric power in case of mains failure or when there is no mains available.

As standard the units feature weatherproof generating sets from 6kVA to 30kVA, telescopic masts with metal halide or LED lamps and single axle trailers designed for low speed towing.

Depending power and models, our units can be equipped with telescopic masts that can be raised and lowered manually or they can be supplied with manual, pneumatic or hydraulic lifting system.

Main Features:
Environmental-friendly diesel engines
Weather and soundproof enclosures with different noise levels and large access doors for ease of maintenance
Low speed trailer
Lifting facilities for easy loading and unloading

On request:
Weather-and soundproof enclosures with different noise levels
Special painting for harsh envinronments
Enlarged fuel tanks
High-speed road and off-road trailers
Height adjustable towing bar
Obstacle lights