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Issue 59 | September 2020

As airports get back on their feet, ‘touchless’ technology is increasingly being sought to create a safer, more seamless traveller experience in the wake of Covid-19. We highlight major examples of touchless tech at airports worldwide.

In a Q&A with optimisation software company INFORM, we find out where airports should place their priorities in the coming months. 

Also in this issue: we investigate the background behind two similarly named but vastly different apps; MedAire, which helps cabin crew respond quickly to medical emergencies on board; and KinectAir, which aims to one day make ‘aircraft on demand’ a reality.

Finally, we ask what airports can do to combat wildlife trafficking and look at the challenges that will be faced by the UK Government’s Jet Zero Council, which aims to push the aviation sector closer to its net-zero targets.

Joe Baker, editor