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Issue 77 March 2022

The events over the last week have certainly put things into perspective. The aggression shown by Russia has caused a wave of reaction from the international community. Condemnations, the cynics will say, are not enough. But economic sanctions, which are being announced day-by-day, and aid to Ukraine, will have a greater impact on stifling Russia's efforts.

Aviation has been hit by the knock-on effects. Europe has by now, on the whole, closed its airspace to Russian aircraft. Russia has in turn banned various European carriers. Flight paths in the last week were even subject to change multiple times within the same flight.

The uncertainty seems to be levelling off now, as we come to terms with the fact that these bans will probably be in place for the medium term (and possibly longer in some regions). New flight paths are being drawn, and the industry is reacting as quickly as it can. We've included a special briefing page in this issue with the key aviation information, and you can follow more up-to-date coverage with Airport Technology.

In our cover story, we profile Cincinnati Airport's new robotic team members, which are providing passengers with a food and retail delivery service. We also find out about increasing disability awareness in airports, with the award of ‘Autism Friendly Spaces’ accreditation to Malta International Airport and Changi Airport Group's recently launched initiative to support individuals with invisible disabilities, such as autism and dementia.

Elsewhere in this issue, we profile Geneva Airport's newly constructed East Wing, learning how it has modernised the terminal. We also look at how a modernisation project at Memphis International Airport has resulted in the airport now being considered an origin and destination airport, as opposed to a transfer hub, after passenger transfer hub operations were removed by Delta Air Lines in 2013.

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Peter Nilson, editor