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Airport Technology Excellence Awards 2023: IATAS

A provider of automated solutions for air traffic management (ATM). Airport Technology Excellence Awards 2023 Category Award Winner for Innovation and Safety

IATAS – International Air Traffic Automation Systems is a multi-national company, that specializes in solutions for airside operations and air traffic management (ATM) with various levels of automation. The company is a Category Award Winner for both Innovation – Air Traffic Control and Safety – Airside Safety in the 2023 Airport Technology Excellence Awards.

IATAS has established a comprehensive suite of solutions that caters to the various needs of airports, ANSPs, airlines and regulators. These solutions span from air traffic control systems at different levels to real-time airport mapping and airside safety systems for zero incursions.

Automated Advanced Air Traffic Control System – AAATCS

Specific examples from the firm’s automation solutions include the Automated Advanced Air Traffic Control System (AAATCS). It provides precise control of statuses and airside flow, manages aircraft sequencing to junctions and runways, assigns taxi routes, and adjusts flow conditions. AAATCS also offers real-time Wake and braking action reporting – directly to pilots aboard the aircraft, along with air-ground bi-directional communication system that both significantly reduces controller workloads and mitigates the safety risks, errors and miscommunications.

Complementing AAATCS, the Wake and Turbulence Advisory System (WATAS) optimizes for capacity while enhances safety by providing optimal timing between runway operations. WATASsupports all global wake models and includes a countdown timer for both controllers and pilots for faster responses, situational awareness, and information such as winds, runway conditions, and braking action.

For airside safety, IATAS has developed the zero-incursion – Airside Safety Unmanned Surveillance System (ASUSS) that automatically marshals unauthorized or high-risk aircraft movements, and the Drone Operation Verification and Emergency Response (DROVER) system that autonomously communicates with drones to keep them out of designated paths, without damages.

In addition to these, IATAS provides the Network Contingency and Remote Backup Center (NCRBC), a contingency and backup platform at SMGCS Level 4 that can remotely manage multiple airports, including the vehicles, ensuring compliance with local and international regulations.

The Visual Clearance Delivery (VICAD) solution further enhances the efficiency of the clearance delivery, lowering gate turnaround times and providing immediate pushbacks, without ATC clearance at the gate. VICAD is part of (GATSS) the Global ATFM Synchronization Platform, allowing all aviation stakeholders to synchronize in on traffic, many hours ahead, vital to operational planning for airports, airlines and ANSP’s.

(GATES) autonomously optimizes and orchestrates gate-related operations, including gate assignments. By synchronizing both assets and personnel, gate turnaround times are optimized, while maximizing operational efficiency.

Furthermore, IATAS has an array of stand-alone safety and operational solutions, including the Airside Dynamic Airport Moving Map (ADAMS), which enhances airport personnel and pilot situational awareness and safety, and the Airport Vehicles Capacity Optimization and Management System (AVCOMS) that optimizes maintenance scheduling while runways and critical areas remain operational.

Lastly, all of IATAS solutions include an optional 1click-audit, providing a regulator-ready audit report in just a few hours, saving months of auditing tasks.

Company Profile

IATAS is a multi-national company, with representatives and capabilities covering every continent, matching local requirements and regulations.

A word from the IATAS President

We are honored to receive both Airport Technology Excellence Awards for Innovation and Safety. Since the inception of IATAS, we have placed innovation and safety as the foundation to our future success and trust with the industry. You can view the special session with ICAO member states.

It is clear that post-COVID operations require a shift in thinking, especially in the areas of faster and higher monetization and ROI, lower impact from disruptions, lower risks, move to OPEX model instead of CAPEX, and lower environmental impact.

After 2 decades of research, development and rigorous internal processes for creating innovative and safety related aviation solutions, our solutions are ready for global deployment as either turnkey or tailor-made solutions. Our solutions provide a long list of benefits for airports, ANSP’s, regulators and airline operators.

The IATAS methodology is a paradigm shift!

  1. After registering, you can build, manage, test and deploy your solutions, all in one place.
  2. Add your internal organizational roles and subject experts (legal, ops, etc.).
  3. Get a certification compliance report for your regulator/auditor in hours.
  4. Evaluate and grow with solutions and modules at your own pace.
  5. Complete assistance to all registered users, do-yourself or done-for-you.
  6. 24×7 Int’l operation center with 1-minute SLA for operational solutions.
  7. For your convenience, we only invoice on the actual flight operations (per-flight basis). *

* A set-up fee may apply, depending on factors such as hardware, requested services & direct expenses.

In the spirit of these awards, IATAS is making registration to the Global ATFM Synchronization network  (GATSS) and Visual Clearance Delivery (VICAD), completely free, to all airports, ANSP’s, airline operators and regulators. No purchase or commitment is required. I welcome you to register today, as you will reap the benefits for the years to come.

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