It’s time for airports to evolve beyond traditional data sets.

Let’s face it — traditional airport data has changed little over the years. In order to drive new revenue streams, innovate processes, and compete with nearby airports, you need a new source of data that can give you a clearer picture of your passengers, who they are, and where they go.

Introducing ZDOS™ Airport, a strategic decision-making tool designed specifically for airports to answer key questions:

  • Where do our outbound and inbound passengers live?
  • How does our market share compare to nearby competing airports?
  • Who is using our parking services, and who is choosing an off-site competitor?
  • Where do inbound passengers go in our destination?

Guide the future growth and stability of your airport with these game-changing insights and more. Book a demo to see how ZDOS™ Airport can open the path to new possibilities.