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The company was incorporated January 2011 to not only supply power and preconditioned air units for all commercial and military aircraft but to also be a professional interface to manage all types of projects in these industries

B GSE Group has found being a manufacturer alone is not always the best approach to servicing customers. Most projects B GSE Group are involved in have third party design engineering, general contracting, complex marriage of scopes as well as turnkey requirements. Our success is reliant on our professional understanding of how construction projects requirements match up with complicated supply bills of material with the end goal of on time turnkey projects. 

Often B GSE Group is contacted in the very early stages of design to offer options, budgets and draft layouts to design-build or build-design contracts. This ability to offer multiple solutions for clients often earns B GSE Group praise in the industry. Having a full understanding of system integration and not focused on selling parts of the system has served our clients well. 

Once the bidding and construction phase occurs, B GSE Group can step into action with complete one source proposals that tie together our manufactured products with other specialized high-quality suppliers. Our proposals are guaranteed and now with over 107 completed turnkey contracts around the world B GSE Group has become a proven and trusted name for aviation power and pre-conditioned air supply. 

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In 2011 B GSE Group started with the top three highest profile aviation projects in the world. The Yuma Arizona most advanced aviation hangars for the F 35, the pacific Fleet F 22 hangar in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii and the pilot testing facilities at Luke Air Force base, Arizona. Since 2011 B GSE Group has completed 21 F 35 Joint Strike Fighter facilities. 

In 2013 B GSE Group was involved in one of the largest service PIT projects in Jeddah, UAE. In 2014 to current B GSE Group has been a top power and air supplier the largest airline in the world, American Airlines. 

For over 7 years B GSE Group has completed new terminal projects that consist of Point of use power and air, central power and air and DX Boost PC Air technologies. In addition, we have help design and supply many hangar projects for Boeing, Airbus, American Airlines, United Airlines, Lockheed Martin, A 380 hangars for Qantas and multiple other commercial and military hangars. 

In many cases B GSE Group is hired direct by the project’s General Contractor to be part of their design build effort or to be a bonded and insured first tier sub-contractor. This unique ability to be a contractor allows B GSE Group to self-perform contracts on work sites with B GSE Group employees and B GSE Group products. This maximizes cost efficiencies while eliminating split scope integration issues and delays. 

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Double the benefit

B GSE Group has a very unique customer support structure. Each executive of B GSE Group is assigned a customer and works from job conception to job completion. Even if the customer passes B GSE Group on from designers and engineers to job superintendent our executives work though every step of the process. This allows continuity, accountability and better trained employees offering a much higher level of service. 

The differences when working with B GSE Group shine. Our products are engineered for high performance and durability and our products made for us are hand-picked and vetted to the highest standards. Every job we strive to find improvements. We challenge ourselves to be the best at what we do and we look to add value in how we do it. 

B GSE Group products range from 10 kVA to over 1000kVA solid state and rotary technology including point of use and full central system solutions. PC Air direct expansion (DX), Air Handler (AHU) and Hybrid direct expansion with Air Handler combined (DX Boost) units from 20-ton to over 150-ton solutions.

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